Our vision and mission

Our vision is a world where all children have the communication skills they need to fulfil their potential.


Our mission is that no child is left out or left behind due to a difficulty speaking or understanding.


Our objectives

  • Supporting children and young people’s speaking and understanding needs to ensure they get the help they need
  • Bring about change to the services available to children with speaking and understanding needs
  • Focus on building strong partnerships and collaboration
  • Continue to build a high performing, efficient and agile organisation

Children and young people’s speaking and understanding needs are at the centre of everything we do.  Our values enable all parts of our organisation to work together to support these needs, and to become the most effective and influential children's communication charity in the UK. Our four core values are:

Impactful -
Delivering real change for those affected by speaking and understanding needs

We change lives and unlock potential. We act on current research and create new evidence for the sector through innovative programmes and solutions.

Collaborative -
Putting children and young people at the centre of everything we do

We work in partnership to achieve systemic change that is sustainable and replicable. We are stronger together.

Aspirational -
Nurturing and enabling children and young people and ourselves to thrive

We nurture and enable as many children and young people as possible to thrive socially and academically. We are the UK’s leading charity in children’s communication and we won’t compromise on quality or excellence.

No Voice Unheard -
Recognising that everyone has a valuable contribution to make

We empower everyone to have their voice heard: whether I CAN staff, children and young people with SLCN or their families. We are committed to ending any unlawful or unfair discrimination, and value the difference diversity and inclusion can bring to ensuring that no-one is left out or left behind.

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall control and strategic direction of I CAN 

Meet our Trustees

Meet our Chief Executive, Jane Harris, and the rest of our Senior Management Team

   Meet our Senior Management Team    

Evidence is a fundamental part of I CAN’s work.

It’s vital that our mission to help children develop speaking and understanding skills is based on evidence of what works.

So we draw on a vast academic research base from across the UK and the world to develop our programmes, interventions, projects and support.

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When it comes to spoken language for children, we’re the UK’s leading communication charity. But we want to do more. Much more.

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