Becoming a licensee

Here is how it works

A Speech and Language Licensee is trained and licensed to deliver one or more of our training and accreditation programmes to schools or settings. We ask Licensees to have some outreach capacity within their workload to deliver training or to mentor local schools and settings.

Licensees can either charge for training or offer it for free. All schools and settings must purchase the required training resources from Speech and Language UK.

Licensees can be experienced Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs), experienced Teachers (those with equivalent QTS) or Educational Psychologists.


  • Step 1 – set up an online profile

    Click here to register and make a note of your user name and password. You’ll be able to reset your password if you need to.

  • Step 2 - Apply

    Take a look at our 'Steps to becoming a licensee' document before you start your application form, which is available here. During your application you will be asked to pay your first year’s licence fee (£50+VAT) by credit card online or by entering a purchase order number to that we can send you an invoice. We’ll then vet your application.

  • Step 3 – Book a course

    If your application is successful, then you can choose a course - licensee training dates are available here. You’ll get a link to complete the booking process with guidance on how to pay. If you are part of a workplace training cohort you can ignore this bit - our licensing team will be in touch to discuss your specific arrangements.

  • Step 4 - Attend the course

    You’ll be able to access materials on the day and a full set of resources will be sent to you three days after the course. If you are part of a workplace training cohort you’ll be able to take your resources away with you on the day.

  • Step 5 - Evaluate the course

    Once you’ve completed the course it’s time to evaluate it. We’ll send you instructions on how to do this. The evaluation is really important because you can’t complete your licensee status without it. Make sure you choose the correct course under the Licensed Tutor or Licensed Mentor section or your certificate will be incorrect. Once you’ve completed the evaluation you will receive your licensee number with a link to your certificate, which you can access at any time from your profile.

  • Step 6 – Congratulations! You are now an I CAN Licensee

    You’re ready to go! Make sure you’ve added your contact details to the licensee map – we ask settings and schools looking for tutors or mentors to deliver training and accreditation to check the map first.

    You’ll find a vast amount of useful information and support materials on the licensing support section of the website (link).

    You can also keep up to date, ask questions, share advice and network with fellow licensees by following our social media accounts on Facebook,  LinkedIn and Twitter.




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