Changing the system

Influencing system design

A lot needs to change in schools, nurseries, local councils and the NHS for all children to be able to face the future with confidence. We’re proud to work across the UK to help these organisations make changes to services in their local areas and help the 1.7 million children who have challenges with talking and understanding words.

Early Years Training

For the past two years, we have been involved in the delivery of the Early Years Special Educational Needs and Disabilities programme, to increase inclusion and access for children with lifelong speech and language challenges. We work with charities including Contact, the Council for Disabled Children, the National Association on Special Educational Needs and Dingley’s Promise. We train early years Special Educational Needs Coordinators, managers and nursery workers. In 2021-22 alone, more than 800 educators attended our training – with 97% saying they would change their practice after doing so. The programme is funded by the Department for Education.

Powering up the Future Project

Between 2019 and 2022, we worked collaboratively across nine settings in Sedgemoor, which is amongst the 20% most disadvantaged areas in England. Our work encompassed early years through to secondary schools, including a pupil referral unit and special school. Our holistic approach aimed at equipping families, practitioners and employers with the knowledge and tools to support children and young people who struggle with talking and understanding words. This project reached 1,572 children either directly through a Speech and Language UK intervention or indirectly via whole school training and was life-changing for many children.

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Talk and Play

We’re working in partnership with EasyPeasy and local authorities in areas of social disadvantage to support children who have challenges with talking and understanding words. More than 125 practitioners have been trained to deliver our interventions, reaching 295 children through our Early Talk Boost programme alone.

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