English Hubs Training Centre

The English Hubs Training Centre is a DfE funded project to provide training and support to hub leads and literacy specialists in 32 hub schools.

The project objective is to develop excellent teaching in phonics and early language and promote a love of reading to all children in Reception and Year 1.

In addition to working with Ruth Miskin Training to advise on early language aspects of training modules ‘Talk through Stories’ and ‘Talk through the day’, I CAN also developed and produced the module ‘Developing pupils’ understanding and use of spoken language’. 

This module, below, comprises four units, each with a series of films and gap tasks for teachers to view and complete as CPD with their own and partner schools. 


Unit 1 - Good language skills are a protective factor in children’s life chances

This unit sets out the issue of speech, language and communication needs, including prevalence

Unit 2 - Language is more than vocabulary: exploring the ‘word gap’ using two models

This unit uses two models of language to give a theoretical framework for understanding SLCN

Unit 3: Understanding and enacting key principles of language development

This unit introduces three key principles and offers practical advice for supporting the language development of every child in the Reception or Yr1 classroom

Unit 4: Identifying speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)

This unit discusses a graduated approach to identifying longer term SLCN


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