A new speech, language and communication tool - I CAN responds

22 August 2022

A new speech, language and communication tool - I CAN responds

I CAN the children’s communication charity responds to news that the Welsh Government has committed £1.5m towards the development of a new speech, language and communication tool for young children. 

Being able to talk and understand language is essential for learning, making friends and achieving success in adult life.  Being able to spot children who are struggling early on means they can get the right help at the right time and avoid the negative consequences that having difficulty talking and understanding language can have when children start school. 

We welcome the Welsh government’s investment in developing a tool to help the children’s workforce identify children who are struggling very early on.  We very much hope that investment in this new speech and language screening tool will help ensure children throughout Wales get the right care at the right time and help prevent potential long-term effects. 

Unlocking children’s talking and understanding of language is fundamental to a child’s development. It is vital that early years practitioners throughout Wales are equipped with resources such as this screening tool to identify children who are struggling. However, alongside this they also need training to know how to support children’s talking and understanding of language, targeted resources to help them catch up when they are behind and to know where to refer children who may need more specialist help.” 

Carol Payne 

I CAN Deputy Chief Executive 


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