Children’s communication charity ‘I CAN’ to host live stream Q&A for parents

02 June 2020

Children’s communication charity ‘I CAN’ to host live stream Q&A for parents

CAN the children’s communications charity is hosting a Facebook Live Q&A on Monday 8th June, from 2 p.m. to help parents support the development of children and young people’s communication skills during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Take part in the Facebook Live event! Visit I CAN’s Facebook page, via on 8th June from 2 p.m. (GMT).


The Facebook Live Q&A is open to all parents and carers of children who may have questions or concerns about how to encourage the speech, language and communication development of older children or young people in their care.

During the Facebook Live Q&A, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and explore:

  • The challenges of adolescence and how parents can help encourage a home environment that develops children’s speech, language and communication development.
  • The impact that transitioning from primary/secondary school to college/university can have on children and young people and what activities and techniques can be used to support the development of speech, language and communication skills
  • The importance of encouraging older children to be equipped with good communication (known as soft skills) when entering further education and/or the workplace.

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, I CAN wants to promote the importance of language and talking more to each other, to give children and young people throughout the United Kingdom the best start possible with their speech and language and engaging with the community is crucial to helping develop these early communication skills.


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