I CAN online tracker – 8 months on

23 May 2022

I CAN online tracker – 8 months on

Last September, we updated our free online tracker to offer more functionality for users, host it on a more stable platform and allow greater opportunities for future developments.   

Our improved online tracker is designed to be used with our intervention programmes for the education sector (Early Talk Boost, Talk Boost KS1, Talk Boost KS2 and Talk for Work). If you run one of these interventions in your setting and haven’t yet tried the new tracker, there are several advantages to be aware of: 

  • Fully GDPR compliant 
    The data is stored on secure Microsoft servers, and I CAN only uses aggregate data to ensure the effectiveness of the programmes. 
  • Automated scoring 
    No need to do manual calculations; the tracker will calculate children’s scores for you, saving time and eliminating mistakes. 
  • Centralised data storage 
    Safely store all your children’s data in one place for your setting.  
  • Helpful reporting 
    Generate reports for each child and create group reports that can be shared with head teachers, parents, etc. 
  • Reduce paper usage 
    No need for paper copies anymore; you can store everything in the online system. 
  • Easily share data (if desired) 
    Our tracker makes it easy to share data with your local authority, MAT or NHS trust.  

Please note that unless a setting consents to data sharing, the data is not shared with external stakeholders (this functionality was rolled out in September 2022 – please contact info@ican.org.uk if you would like to find out more). 

Please note that the tracker login webpage is different from the website login page, so ensure that you are using the correct link when you create or log in to your account: https://ican.org.uk/training-licensing/i-cans-trackers/ 

Additionally, as data was not transferred across as part of the development, please note that if you haven’t used the tracker since before September 2021, you’ll need to create a new account.  

Get started with the online tracker 

What do you think? 

If you are already using the tracker, please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve it by emailing tracker@ican.org.uk. One of the main reasons we developed the new tracker was to allow us to improve its usability in response to customer needs. For example, following user feedback, we recently completed an upgrade which will enable all users to edit their children’s


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