I CAN respond to findings from the Education Endowment Fund that the past year of lockdowns has had an impact on young children's language skills, according to research.

27 April 2021

I CAN calls for more support to be given to children with their speaking and understanding

“This research shows there is a real risk that this country could see an entire generation of children struggling to talk unless the Government acts now. This pandemic has led to children of all ages missing out on months and months of practising their talking skills in school, yet the support offered is only for reception class children. 

"It will be a national disgrace if we do not ensure that more support is given to children, of all ages, with their speaking and understanding. If we don't, we will be failing them. How can a child do well at school, make friends or find a job if they do not have these vital skills?”

Jane Harris, I CAN Chief Executive


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