Surrey Search and Rescue go into the community to educate children with special needs

07 May 2019

Local school for children with special educational needs raises funds for Surrey Search and Rescue

An Ottershaw school for children with special education needs has raised funds to support Surrey Search and Rescue as part of a community engagement scheme. I CAN’s Meath School have ran a scheme during the summer term called ‘People Who Help Us’ and have had visitors in from a range of organisations to talk to the children about how they help the community. On Tuesday 10 July, the project culminated with a visit from Surrey Search and Rescue, who brought in their sniffer dogs and an emergency vehicle to show the children how they help to find missing vulnerable people.

As part of the project, I CAN’s Meath School in Ottershaw raised £400 for Surrey Search and Rescue, showing their commitment to supporting local services. The pupils, who have a range of speech and language disorders, held a ‘Smartie Day’ to raise the funds. The children were all given a tube of smarties that they could take home and enjoy and were asked to do small jobs around the home to earn coins to put in the empty smartie tube. They also held a games afternoon, which involved round colourful ‘smartie-like’ objects, such as parachutes, Twister, Connect 4, ball throwing and hoop rolling.


Janet Dunn OBE, Principal at I CAN’s Meath School, highlighted how events like these helps to bring pupils together with a universal goal. “It has been a brilliant term for the kids and it was great to finish off the year with a visit from Surrey Search and Rescue. For many of the pupils at Meath, communicating with others can be very difficult so it was great for the team to come in with all their equipment and wonderful sniffer dogs, it definitely caught everyone’s attention! On our actual ‘Smartie Day’, all the children and staff paid £1 and dressed as smarties – one single bright colour. I am exceptionally proud of the effort of the staff and pupils to raise so much money for such a wonderful service that supports the area.”

I CAN’s Meath School looks to run similar activities next academic year to raise funds for other local organisations. For more information on the school please visit

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