Talk Boost KS2 School Bundle Pack

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Our exclusive Talk Boost KS2 bundle worth £610 includes a complete Talk Boost KS2 intervention pack, a Talking Strategies KS2 Boxset and a 'What's Typical Talk at Primary' poster.

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The Talk Boost KS2 Intervention Pack includes everything you need to run Speech and Language UK's interactive, evidence-based intervention for 7-10-year olds. Talk Boost KS2 is a target-driven programme for children with delayed speech and language, with proven results. 

Talking Strategies KS2 Boxset is a fantastic box set of cards, booklets, tips and techniques, equips practitioners with the classroom strategies they need to support speech and language development in KS2.

The Talk Boost KS2 intervention pack includes the following:

* An Intervention Manual containing detailed group session plans and resources required

   * A Teacher Manual that guides teachers in selecting the right children, tracking their progress and managing the overall operation of the groups

   * A Organiser Box which contains pre-cut session cards that are designed to make your Talk Boost KS2 sessions even more convenient

   * 12 Communication Detective Notebooks to reinforce what has been taught in the group sessions

   * 2 x Talk Boost KS2 Participant Book

   * Access to our Online Tracker Tool to measure and analyse progress which supports Pupil Premium* 2 Participant Books with training notes

This product can be added to your order after training with a licensed tutor has been booked. To access our 'Find a Tutor' page, please click here.

You can find detailed information about Talk Boost KS2 here.

Want to speak with the team about whether Talk Boost KS2 is right for your setting?

Get in touch with the team by emailing or calling 020 7843 2515.

Age Range: Primary Years
Resource Target: Practitioners
Programme: Talk Boost Key Stage 2


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