Child's progress checker

Welcome to our progress checker for children

Our progress checkers will provide short questions you can answer to see how your baby or child is getting on with their talking and understanding of words.

It's based on what we know about how talking and understanding of words develops in babies and children.  It’s not the same as a standardised measure a specialist would carry out but it should give you an idea of how your baby or child is developing and whether you need some support or advice to help you and them.

Choose the right age and answer the questions, at the end, we will let you know how your child is doing and what help is available if you need it.

Choose the age group of your child

  • These progress checkers have been written by speech and language therapists, based on typical developmental milestones.
  • They are intended to be used as a guide only. No diagnosis can be made as children are not seen face-to-face.
  • It is possible that concerns may be highlighted when there are not issues with childrens talking and understanding of words. If in doubt, check with a health visitor or speech and language therapist. You can also contact our enquiry service as outlined above and speak with one of our speech and language therapists.
  • If your child has just had a birthday, you might want to look at the age-group younger than them. Similarly, if your child is coming up to a birthday, you might want to check the age-group older than them.



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