Early Years Practitioners

Professionals and health visitors

Speech, language and communication skills are vital for all children. Without these skills they will not reach their full potential. Early Years practitioners are crucial to supporting children and identifying when they might be having difficulty. 1 in 10 children have speech, language and communication needs, so all early year’s workers need to understand how to identify and better support these children. If you have concerns about a child’s speech, language or communication, you should use the I CAN Progress Checker and have a chat with the parents or carers to look at how you can best support the child to develop their communication skills.  I CAN have a series of FAQs that list useful techniques to use on a daily basis with pre-school children.


Professionals FAQs

We know that each child and situation is different. We also know there are some questions that come up again and again.

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Do dummies affect speech?

The use of dummies, also called pacifiers or comforters, is a common practice in many countries.


Questions to ask your child’s Primary School

If you have a child with speech, language and communication needs, you will want to ensure your child is receiving the best support at school to ensure they can take part, learn and make friends.




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