English as an additional language

Many parents question how to support their child's language development if they speak English as an Additional Language (EAL). You can offer the following advice.

What matters most is to provide your child with a good language model so use the language that you feel most comfortable with.

If your child has difficulties in learning both their first language and English, then it may be that they have a speech, language or communication need.

To help your child, you could find a community group for your child to join. These groups may be in his/her first language or English but may be useful in supporting communication and social development as well as his school work.

If your child would benefit from some additional support in the local community or at school, one way to help is by finding them a mentor. A mentor is a trusted adult that speaks his/her first language, can help him/her with learning English and can be another shoulder to lean on. There are organisations that can help to find a mentor. Asking your child’s school or local community organisations is one way you can reach out.


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