Commissioning speech and language therapy services

The 'One Stop' Guides

Commissioning speech and language therapy services: The 'One Stop' Guides

Have you considered commissioning speech and language support for your setting? Or would you like some more guidance on decision making to make the most out of your commissioned speech and language therapy service?

The Communication Trust has developed a series of 'One Stop' Guides to take settings through some key steps to consider when planning to commission speech and language services. These include top tips on decision making around the service that you commission, practical steps to take to integrate your service into your setting and how to assess if it’s actually working.

We have guides available for the following phases:

  • Early Years
  • Schools
  • Post-16


  • Early Years

    The Communication Trust's commissioning guidance is aimed at all early years settings staff including senior leadership and early years commissioners. 

  • Schools

    Our 'One Stop' Guide for primary and secondary schools is aimed at all education staff working with or in schools, including SENCos and Senior Leadership but also commissioners for academies and school governors. 

    To support this guide, we’ve also developed some case studies demonstrating schools commissioning practice. These were collected through interviews conducted with schools staff when researching the guidance.

    Case studies

    Further information can be seen in the short video below.

  • Post 16 Sector

    Our 'One Stop' Guide for post 16 settings is aimed at all education staff working with or in FE settings, as well as SENCos, Senior Leaders and commissioners.


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