Step 2: Doing and reviewing

Step 2: Doing and reviewing

Congratulations! You have now chosen your actions and are ready to get going! 

Download your Early Years Commitment Progress Journal now to keep a record of what you do, the progress you are making and the impact it is having.

What to do now?

  • As a staff team, decide what you will need to do when and in what order to complete each action. Make sure you include space in your timetable to review and record your progress.
  • When you have completed each action, tick it off on your Action Plan using the review function. Once you have ticked off all your actions you will be able to download your Early Years Commitment Certificate and your completed Action Plan.
  • Visit the Speech, Language and Communication Framework (SLCF) site and find out about what it can offer you individually and as a staff team.
  • Use can use the free resources below for Step 2.


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