Challenge your setting with more actions

Challenge your setting with more actions

Completing your first Action Plan is just the first step on the journey.

We hope you will be inspired to continue your commitment to communication. If you're ready for some new challenges, you can use Step 1 to help you choose your next five actions and move your school forward even further.

Perhaps there will be some other actions that you would like to design specifically for your school? Do share your story about your customised actions so other schools can hear about them. They might even become part of the Early Years Commitment in the future!

If you want to see what other actions you could take, please go back to the Action Plan and have a look.

As you progress through your actions, you will probably have looked at the Speech Language and Communication Framework (SLCF). Focusing on longer-term professional development for your staff is a great way to take the impact your Commitment has even further.

If this is something you're interested in, the training and further education signposted by the SLCF is a great place to start, offering a list of appropriate courses and training..


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