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If you want to go even further with your commitment to communication, it's beneficial to get in touch with organisations and services that can help, perhaps through joining up locally with other schools or services such as speech and language therapy teams or local authority advisors.

Or you could look at other national organisations which offer support. As each school is unique, we know that the support you need may be different. Our Communication Consortium includes expert organisations that can offer a wide range of specialist support, consultancy, awards and accreditation.

Please click on the name of each organisation below to find out more about what they do and the services they offer. 


Auditory Verbal UK

Bespoke in-house training: Courses for teams who are supporting children with a hearing impairment - Courses are tailored to suit the particular needs of the team around the child. Previous courses have included developing thinking and problem solving skills, listening and language development, and the social emotional impact of hearing impairment.


The Communication Trust

Platform 3 - Platform 3 is an online route to completing the Level 3 accredited qualification: Supporting Children and Young People’s Speech, Language and Communication.



Speech and Language Support for 0-3s - A practical accredited training course for staff working in Early Years settings to enable them to develop the communication skills of babies and very young children.

Let's Talk with Under 5s - A practical and informal accredited training course for staff to teach parents and carers to help them develop the communication skills of their children aged 3-5 years. Staff can be trained to deliver this to parents in your setting. Accredited at level 1.#



Early Talk Accreditation - I CAN's Accreditation is available for early years settings providing support to children's development through the Early Years Foundation Stage (or equivalent). The accreditation package is available at three different levels; Supportive, Enhanced and Specialist.



Makaton Signing for Babies - Makaton Signing for Babies is a series of flexible, fun sessions designed to encourage the development of communication and language skills in babies and toddlers.

Makaton Tutor Training - Develop your Makaton skills and become a licensed Makaton tutor who can deliver Makaton training directly to parents, families, carers and professionals.


National Literacy Trust

Early Words Together at Two - Early Words Together at Two improves the home learning environments of families of two-year-olds. It is a practitioner-led five week programme, designed for children’s centres, PVI and school nurseries, who serve low-income families.



Training packages and consultative services for early years -  Symbol also provides training and advice about the communication needs of pupils with Down syndrome through staff training and support for individual pupils.


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