Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting

In 2021 we updated our Talk Boost data collection tool, offering better reporting functionality. As part of this improvement there is now the option for Local Authorities, Multi Academy Trusts, NHS Trusts to become Speech and Language UK Corporate Partners. 

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Our Corporate Reporting tool, a commercial paid-for service, is based on the aggregated data from settings who choose to share their data with our corporate partners. This allows organisations to get a wider view of the effectiveness of the Talk Boost interventions and report on how much improvement is being made at a borough or county level. This tool will give our partners an insight into such variables as:  

  • the number of settings in a local area using the online tracker
  • an overview of children’s progress across all interventions 
  • and the gender, ethnicity, and SEN status of their cohort

In addition, this tool enables our corporate partners to delve further into the data as the tool shows:

  • definitive graphs with RAG (red/amber/green) ratings on expected levels of a cohort before and after an intervention
  • the percentage of children narrowing the gap towards expected levels
  • data that can be filtered by ethnicity, gender, pupil premium and SEN concerns

There are several advantages of this corporate reporting tool:  

GDPR compliant 

The data is stored on secure Microsoft servers, and we only use aggregated data to monitor the effectiveness of the programmes. This aggregated data is shared with our corporate partners. All settings have to opt in to share their school’s data and can opt out at any point.

Automated scoring 

There is no need to do manual calculations. The corporate tool provides aggregated data across different parameters. 

Centralised data storage 

Data is safely stored in one location and can be accessed by your monitoring and evaluation team. 

Helpful reporting 

Generate reports for funders and project partners. 

Reduce paper usage 

No need for paper storage anymore; you can store everything in the online system. 

If you would like to get some further information on our Corporate Reporting function, please email, or give us a call on 020 7843 2556.


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