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Here you will find all the downloads that you need to run Talk for Work. 



Talk for Work Resources

The resources on this page accompany the printed materials in your Talk for Work tutor pack. You will need to access all these resources at some point, either during your preparation to deliver training or while you are delivering the training course to schools. The resources can be downloaded and saved or streamed directly. 

Talk for Work Practitioner Training

•             Talk about Talk Practitioner Training Power Point presentation slides

•             Talk about Talk Tutor Manual: contains the notes and thumbnails of the Power Point slides you need to deliver training in schools.

Talk about Talk Secondary Phases 1-3 and Course Review

These 4 PowerPoint presentations go with the 13 lessons in the programme.

•             Phase 1 (lesson 1-4) introduces students to the programme and to communication skills

•             Phase 2 (lessons 5-8) builds on this, preparing students to deliver the Practice Workshop.

•             Phase 3 (lessons 9-12) builds further, preparing students to deliver the Employers’ Workshop.

•             A final Lesson 13 reviews the course and student learning

Practice workshop

This PowerPoint presentation accompanies the 30 minutes training workshop co-delivered by students to a sympathetic audience in school.

Employers’ workshop

This PowerPoint presentation accompanies the full 80 minutes training workshop co-delivered by students to local employers.

Tracking Student's Progress

Access the Talk for Work Profile resources here

Use the tracker here

We have developed a 36 minutes webcast to support you to use the profile and its accompanying resources

Extra resources

Additional administration resources for schools

Practice and Employers’ Workshop Presentation notes

Certificate of achievement

Employers' workshop handouts

Action Plan

Communication breakdown films

- Too much talk

- Friendship or friendliness

- Customer service


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