Early Talk Accreditation

Early Talk Accreditation

Early Talk is Speech and Language UK's highly successful communication and language programme, aimed at the early years workforce in partnership with parents. 

Speech and Language UK's Early Talk Accreditation products are designed to help teachers and staff in early years settings to:

  • Create communication rich environments
  • Improve their knowledge of communication development and how to identify children with SLCN
  • Improve the speech, language and communication skills of the children they work with
  • Work collaboratively with speech and language therapists and other support agencies on education plans for individual children
  • Provide good information and practical strategies for parents

Settings, schools and childminders can work towards accreditation at 3 levels (for specialist level, contact us directly):

Level 1: Supportive/universal
Settings accredited as offering a ‘supportive service’ for children’s communication meet the standards set for good practice in supporting all children’s speech, language and communication development . These settings also show good practice in the identification and referral of children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

Cost: £250 per setting (+ mentor fees)

Level 2: Enhanced
Settings and schools accredited as offering an ‘enhanced service’ for children’s communication meet the standards set for good practice related to supporting the communication and language skills of all children including those with identified SLCN, working collaboratively with other professionals and parents. Accreditation recognises good practice in providing targeted support for children in the setting and in the identification and referral of children with SLCN.

Cost: £250 per setting (+ mentor fees).

Please note that all costs are based on being mentored by a Licensed Mentor; a speech and language specialist who has been trained by Speech and Language UK to train and/or mentor settings. The Mentor will set their own fee.

Level 3: Specialist
This is an endorsement of a service or setting's ability to meet the standards set for good practice in this highly skilled area of work. These services and settings will include a speech and language therapist, a teacher and a support assistant working collaboratively to provide integrated therapy and education for the children in their care. These services will be working with children who have severe and complex speech, language and communication needs.

Cost: Please contact Speech and Language UK on 020 7843 2515 


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