Two Point Six Challenge

Support I CAN: Join ‘The 2.6 Challenge’ from Sunday 26 April!

During these challenging times, I CAN is asking for your help right now by participating in ‘The 2.6 Challenge’. This is in place of the postponed 40th London Marathon which would have seen thousands of fundraisers running 26 miles for their chosen charities.

How will getting involved with the 2.6 challenge help children and families with language difficulties?

Like most charities, I CAN’s fundraising will take a big hit this year. We currently estimate that our fundraising income will decrease by at least 35% or £350,000 as a direct result of COVID-19.

Without this funding, we will not be able to reach as many parents of children with speech, language and communication needs during the emergency and importantly after social distancing restrictions begin to be lifted. Like you, we are very aware of the levels of anxiety that children with communication needs are experiencing during this unprecedented challenge. To help these families we are trying to expand our existing free telephone helpline to also provide free online video advice and therapy, designed to reach some of the most disadvantaged families in the country.

Importantly, these programmes are designed to continue to support children and families as the country begins to open up again, and into the future. We want to unlock family potential, improve access to learning and language support, empower parents and children to communicate better and work hard to give children a voice. But we cannot do this alone. We need your help to ensure we continue to deliver on our mission, which is that no child is left out or left behind because of a difficulty speaking or understanding.

If you are in a position to help, you can either make a direct donation to I CAN through the 2.6 challenge (explained below) or if you feel suitably energetic, undertake fundraising activities with family and friends based around the numbers two and six, 26, or 2.6. For example, 26 times up and down the stairs, 26 pancake flips or two or six times successfully skipping a rope. Anything with a two and a six!  Please remember to follow Government guidance on exercise and social distancing.

To immediately help I CAN continue its vital work helping children and young people to communicate, please follow the steps below: 

1. Go to
2. Scroll down to the second page that has the headline: “Save the UK’s Charities”
3. Click on “Support your charity”
4. Type in “I CAN”
5. Click on “I CAN Charity” from the drop-down menu
6. Click on “Donate” and help raise vital funds for I CAN!!


  • Here are some ideas from 'The 2.6 Challenge' team to help you find some I CAN inspiration!

    • Do 26 press-ups – or 260
    • Get 26 pals together on Zoom for an online workout – for 26 minutes
    • Complete 26 keepie-uppies or headers
    • Complete 26 laps of the garden on foot, scooter or roller skates
    • Hula hoop 26 times (impossible!)
    • Jump 26 times on a trampoline (or set a target of six times for toddlers!)
    • Skip for 2.6 minutes without making a mistake (good luck with that!)
    • Sing and/or sign a song in #Makaton for 2.6 minutes or longer!
    • Juggle for 26 minutes (or maybe 2.6 minutes – or just 2.6 seconds!)
    • Put on some music and dance like no one's watching for 26 minutes
    • Do some gardening or mow the lawn for 26 minutes
    • Walk 2.6km (that’s 3,412 steps!) around your house (in fancy dress if you like!)

Please share your involvement, ideas and activities on social media via the hashtag #TwoPointSixChallenge


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