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Our response to Ofsted report ‘Telling the story: the English education subject report’

March 5, 2024

“Today’s Ofsted report states that written and spoken language curriculums are less effective and many schools are not always sure how to teach communication skills in a way that helps pupils understand how to express themselves.

This a clear warning that a generation of children are at risk of future educational failure.

It is encouraging to see that schools understand that communication skills underpins pupils’ reading and writing, but without extra investment, the government’s 2030 target of 90% of primary-aged children achieving a good level in reading, writing and maths is in serious doubt.

1 in 5 children in the UK have speech and language challenges and the government must do more.  Teacher training needs to include guidance on how to spot and support children with speech and language challenges, not just in the early years but throughout primary and secondary school also.

Our children can’t wait. We need to give teachers the knowledge and tools they need now. If we do not, we are at risk of raising a generation of children that struggle to talk and understand words.”

Jane Harris  

Speech and Language UK Chief Executive  

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