Trusts and foundations

Find out how you can make change happen

Trusts and foundations

Grantmakers are enormously important to us and their support enables us to develop innovative and effective programmes to help children with challenges in talking and understanding words.

It’s thanks to trusts and foundations that some of our most impactful programmes were first developed, helping hundreds of thousands of children fulfil their potential. And our speech and language advice line – the only professionally-manned, national and free enquiry service of its kind in the country – was established and continues to be operational thanks to this support.

With our recent rebrand and new strategy to reach and transform the quality of life of the 1.9 million children and young people, the importance of partnership to achieve this goal is in sharp focus. You have the chance to both spearhead new initiatives and boost the reach and impact of our outstanding ‘tried and tested’ programmes. Together, we can do more.

If you would like to hear how you can make change happen, contact Lina, our Head of Philanthropy and Partnerships at or on 020 7843 2551.