Our work with local authorities and multi-academy trusts

Our work with local authorities and multi-academy Trusts (MATs) ranges from implementation of our programmes to providing logistical support and advice on operations for projects to providing free resources and general speech and language support.

Why work with Speech and Language UK?

There are many benefits to working with Speech and Language UK as a local authority or MAT.

The first and most obvious is the outcomes for the children. Across the UK, 1.9 million children are struggling to talk and understand words.

Our Talk Boost interventions help to close that gap. 81% of children reached expected levels after taking part in Talk Boost Key Stage 1 and on average, children make six months progress in our nine-week Early Talk Boost intervention.

Our resources range from ages 0-18, so we can offer this continued support throughout a child’s journey into adulthood.

Large and small-scale solutions

We work with local authorities and MATs at both a larger level, implementing our resources and interventions throughout their area or trust and at a smaller level, using our free resources and training. We can help you find the solution that fits for you.

Dedicated support

No matter the scale of your work with us, you will have a dedicated account manager that will:

  • Be your go-to contact for all queries (both operational, and speech, and language focused)
  • Create bespoke meetings with yourselves for any queries
  • Handle practitioner’s queries (rather than them coming to you)
  • Take on any feedback that you may have

We are also able to help with deliveries, bulk discounts, after payment and financial administration, and adapt this according to your budget requirements.

We also provide logistical support and advice on operations for projects. We have worked on many projects and with many local authorities and MATs and are happy to share our experience to help you plan projects and avoid mistakes.

We can also deliver free gifts, prize draws, goody bags, parental resources, and act as a group voice for putting speech and language on a local authority’s political agenda – for example, taking part in surveys or group discussions.

International offering

If you are an international organisation, we can offer tailored training programmes (based on time zones), and some resources in other languages.

Corporate reporting

We are in the process of creating our corporate reporting’ function. This will allow local authorities and MATs to see the GDPR-compliant data of all their settings using our interventions.

To find out more about how Speech and Language UK can help your local authority or MAT please email us at  info@speechandlanguage.org.uk or call us on 020 7843 2510.