Our annual reports

We are Speech and Language UK – we want every child to face the future with confidence. Read our annual reports to find out more about how we are making a difference to the 1.9 million children struggling with talking and understanding words.

Our annual reports

For 1.9 million children in the UK, learning to talk and understand words feel like an impossible hurdle. Without the right help, this can destroy their world. They feel disconnected from their family. Unable to make friends. Unfairly punished for not following instructions they don’t understand. What does the future hold for them?

We must reach children earlier, to make sure every child has the skills to face the future.

We design innovative tools and training for thousands of nursery staff and teachers. We give families the confidence and skills to help their child. And we put pressure on politicians to prioritise support for children.

Too many children are left waiting to be understood. Help us bring speech and language skills into the spotlight so they can all flourish.