No Pens Day

Fundraise and help the 1.9 million children struggling with talking and understanding words.

No Pens Day

No Pens Day is an exciting fundraiser taking place on Wednesday November 27th, 2024! It’s a chance for children to put their pens down, talk, listen, and take part in lots of pen-free activities, all whilst having fun raising valuable funds for Speech and Language UK. 🤝💬

Children in participating schools can get involved in a day of talking and listening activities – beginning with the biggest ever show and tell.

Fundraising is a vital part of No Pens Day! We’re asking for each pupil to bring in £1, which is donated to Speech and Language UK.

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Frequently asked questions

No Pens Day is a nationwide fundraising event run by us at Speech and Language UK. It’s an amazing opportunity for pupils across the country to take part in activities that put the importance on talking, listening and interacting with classmates and teachers .

We launched No Pens Day because we want to spread the word about what it’s like to be one of the 1.9 million children struggling to talk and understand words, and show that pupils across the UK can make a real difference in their own classrooms! 🏫💙 Find out more about the scale of the issue here.

We’re asking schools to hold their No Pens Day on Wednesday 27th November so that it becomes the biggest day ever for show and tell – but you can also do it any time that week that suits you and your class. 

No Pens Day is a crucial opportunity to raise awareness and funds, and we need your help! We’re asking for each child in a participating class or setting to bring in £1 on the day, which is donated to Speech and Language UK. Every penny makes a difference for children with speech and language challenges.

As a thank you for fundraising for us, every class will receive a gift to remember the day🎁

You can pay in funds here, via cheque, or by sharing the QR code below to parents, so that they can donate £1 on behalf of their child online. Don’t forget to add the name of your school so we know where the donations are coming from!

You can also access our handy how-to guide by signing up through the form above!

It’s that easy! 🌟

If your class can’t fundraise, you won’t have to miss out on the fun! No Pens Day is for everyone, and raising awareness about speech and language challenges is really important too💙

Whether you fundraise or not, we’d love to see what your class gets up to – tag us @SpeechAndLangUK on X, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to share your fun on the day!

Our free resources and lesson plans are chock-full of ideas for a range of age groups. Many activities are centred around show and tell, but the sky’s the limit! Just remember: pens are banned🖊🚫😆

If you find yourself in need of inspiration for pen-free activities that aren’t included in our resource pack, check out #NoPensDay on X or Instagram to see what schools around the country got up to last year! 👀

We know it’s important to give teachers plenty of time to plan for No Pens Day, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible to participate!

Get ahead by downloading our free classroom pack – just sign up via the form above!

It can sometimes be tricky to introduce a new event into the school calendar or put aside time for pen-free activities, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your class to take part in No Pens Day!

In the coming weeks, we’ll provide an email template to help you make the case for No Pens Day to your senior leadership team, which includes information on why fundraising is worthwhile, and the importance of communication skills. Access this resource – plus so much more – by signing up through the form above!

Yes, an email template will be made available soon⏰ In the meantime, access your free classroom pack by filling in the form above!

Text NOPENSDAY to 70470 to donate £1, or click here to make a donation online. Don’t forget to write your child’s school in the donation message! 🙌

You can also pay in by scanning this QR code:


We’re asking each child taking part in No Pens Day to bring in £1 to raise vital funds for Speech and Language UK, but of course you can donate however much you can!

Click here to make your donation, and don’t forget to add the name of your child’s school to the donation message!

Thank you💙

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, email and our team will be more than happy to help.