Find a tutor

Our licensed tutors have been specially trained by us to help you deliver our programmes.

If you are an early years and school practitioner looking to find a licensed tutor for Speech and Language UK programmes and interventions then please use the map below to find tutors in your area.

1. Click on a programme (e.g. Early Talk Boost) and zoom into the map to find a tutor in your local area.

2. You will find a list on names and email address on the bottom left hand corner. To copy an email address, right hand click on the email address and select copy value.

3. Alternatively, when you zoom into the map, you can click on a map bubble and the details of the tutor will appear in the table below.

Can’t find a tutor?

If there isn't a licensee near you running the programme for your school or setting, please call 020 7843 2515 or email: as not all of our licensees may not be currently listed.
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