An introduction to speech, language and communication

Our online short course is free and a great place to start learning about children and young people’s speech and language development.

An introduction to speech, language and communication

This short course looks at how you can support the development of these skills on a day-to-day basis in your setting, and how to spot children and young people who might be struggling to develop these important skills.

We have re-developed this course so it is now tailored for the needs of practitioners working across all the different education phases. You have the option to access four different pathways – early years, primary, secondary or further education so you can choose which pathway is most relevant to your area of work.

If you work across more than one educational phase, you will only need to complete the phase which you predominately work in as the key principles are transferable across all the age ranges. The course takes approximately half a day to complete.

Please note, we are experiencing a surge in demand for the online short-course, which is causing the application to buffer. If your browser is timing out after signing up, we recommend giving it some time and trying again later. Also, we would recommend accessing the course on a laptop or computer via chrome.