How do I find a Speech and Language Therapist?

How do I find a speech and language therapist? 

There are two main ways that you can find a speech and language therapist: 

  • Via your local NHS service 
  • By contacting an independent speech and language therapist 

Local NHS services 

You can find your local NHS service by doing an internet search. Try searching ‘NHS Speech and Language Therapy near me’. Most local services will have their contact details available, and information about how to refer your child.  

Do I need to go to my GP or health visitor? 

It’s best to check with your local service first. Many services will accept referrals for children under five directly from their families. Children over five may need their school to make a referral. Some services may offer drop-in sessions locally at children’s centres or online, while others may need a referral for an initial appointment. 

How do I find an independent speech and language therapist? 

There is a searchable database of independent therapists who are all registered here. You can search to find a speech and language therapist by location, age, and the type of support your child needs. You can then contact the speech and language therapist directly. They will be able to give you more information about the types and costs of the services they provide, and their availability,  

I have health insurance – will this cover speech and language therapy? 

Some health insurance providers do cover speech and language therapy. They may have recommended or registered providers. It’s best to check your policy first.  

Speech and language advice line 

We have a free advice line, which is a confidential phone call with an experienced speech and language therapist. During the 30-minute call, you will be given the opportunity to talk through your concerns and questions regarding your child’s development. You can book your phone call here.