Email template to your local MP candidate

Copy and paste the email template below into an email and urge your local MP candidates to commit to helping children struggling with talking and understanding words!

Dear Candidate, 

I am writing to you today because you are standing to be my MP. I want to make you aware of the 1.9 million children in the UK currently struggling with talking and understanding words, including many in the constituency you hope to represent. If you’re elected, we hope you will work hard for these children in any way you can. 

One of the tools available to teachers and people working in early years are language programmes. These are for children who have been identified as being behind in their language development to help them catch up with their peers. They have been proven to be very effective for most, and for those children they don’t help, it is usually a sign that they need more specialist help. These programmes are done in the nursery or classroom, often by a teaching assistant or nursery worker. There are lots of different programmes, with some being better suited to some places than others. If you are elected, you must push for schools and nurseries to receive the funding they need to pay for the best language programmes for them.  

But there is even more that the next government can do to support the 1.9 million children struggling with talking and understanding words. I think all people who work with children should receive training on how to spot when they are struggling and support their speech, language and communication skills. Families also need more and better information about a new baby’s language development alongside the information they get on diet and vaccinations. Lastly, there will be some children who have lifelong speech and language challenges, who require specialist support. You must fight for more speech and language therapists to be available for children and young people.   

If all these things are done, then the 1.9 million children struggling with talking and understanding words will finally start getting the help they need. I hope that is what you will fight for if you become my MP. Good luck in the election. 

Best wishes, 

[Add your name]

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