Primary Talk

A training programme to help develop the communication skills of children aged children aged 4-11.

Primary Talk is a training and development programme that supports the communication development of all children aged 4-11, including those difficulties in talking and understanding words. The programme has been shown to have a substantial impact on classroom practice and can help schools improve pupil outcomes.
The programme is aimed at the Supporting Communication level which gives staff the skills needed to create a communication supportive environment and identify those with including those difficulties in talking and understanding words.

Primary Talk training is aimed at teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs and school staff who have an active role in the classroom and is offered at the Supporting level. Participants will develop their knowledge and understanding of typical development in speech, language and communication; ideas and strategies to support all pupils’ spoken language skills; and an introduction to identifying pupils who have difficulties in talking and understanding words.
The training will be delivered at your school. If you are a small school you might wish to consider grouping your staff together with another school for the training and sharing the costs between yourselves.

Primary Talk can support schools to develop outstanding practice in communication by:
  • Developing the spoken language skills that support learning across the curriculum, including reading and writing
  • Providing staff with a range of classroom strategies that focus on developing listening and attention skills, vocabulary and the use of visual tools to support spoken language
  • Developing pupils’ behaviour for learning by helping staff to identify those children whose underlying communication difficulties lead to poor behaviour
  • Developing the social aspects of learning – making friends, working in groups, and building relationships.

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